Sunday, May 12, 2019

May 12 Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy Mother’s Day!  Yesterday morning I came across this New Yorker cartoon in my Twitter feed, and it made me think of the home lives our students experience every day as well as my own upbringing.  I lived with my aunt and uncle’s family throughout most of my adolescence while my own mother traveled with my father across Southeast to Asia to support him with his work.  I remember overhearing my aunt and my mother having lively discussions on international calls talking about setting boundaries and expectations around driving, dating, and attending SAT prep courses.  At the time having two mothers on your case about those matters is not something most teenagers would be happy about.  However, in retrospect I am grateful that there were multiple people who cared enough about me to guide me through difficult decisions that I was not fully prepared to make on my own.

The Winchester community is becoming more diverse, and McCall students are going home to family structures that are different than traditional ones that are headed by one male father and one female mother.  It is with that in mind that I extend my sincerest Mother’s Day wish to all mothers and mother figures that are out there in the McCall community.  I assure all of you that my staff and I will continue to strive to work collaboratively with all types parents and parental figures to help our students learn and grow.

Happy Mother’s Day!

James Lin
McCall Middle School

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