Sunday, December 2, 2018

December 2 Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy December!  I would like to begin by reminding everyone that the December Parent Coffee is scheduled for this Wednesday from 9:00-10:00 am.  Our topic for this session will be Special Education at the Middle School, and I have invited Ms. Mary Ellen Madden, the Middle School Special Education Supervisor to join us.  We are planning to discuss the following:

  • ·      What are some of the special education services that the middle school provides?
  • ·      How does a student qualify for special education services?
  • ·      What does an IEP (individualized Education Plan) do or do not do for a student?
  • ·      What are the differences between an IEP and a 504 accommodation plan?
  • ·      What are the differences between an accommodation and a modification?
  • ·      How does the school work collaboratively with parents and guardians when a student continues to struggle while he or she is on an IEP?

I welcome all parents and guardians who are interested in this discussion – regardless whether their students are currently receiving special education services – to join us.  Please note that we will not be discussing specific cases, families, or students during this session.  I also like to thank the McCall Parent Association for sponsoring the Parent Coffees.

Secondly, I would like to let everyone know that every day our main office staff receives quite a lot of requests from parents to pass along messages to their students or to remind their students to pick up items such as lunches, music instruments, cell phones, or assignments that the family members have dropped off for them.  Please know that the office staff works very hard not to interrupt the class time, so we work to minimize the amount of PA announcements or calls into the classrooms.  With that being said, we also understand there are circumstances when parents need to pass along important messages during the day or give students items they may not be expecting.  In order to meet both demands, the office staff will be making “call down” announcements during morning announcements at 8:30 am, right before the first lunch at 11:10 am, and at dismissal time which is 3:07 pm.  We will refrain from interrupting instructions by making PA announcements or calls into classrooms in between those three times unless extremely urgent matters arise.

I also hope I can count on everyone to help the school create an disruption-free learning environment by asking our main office staff to call down students only for urgent matters.  As for forgotten lunches, please note that our food services staff will always provide students with nutritious lunches if they do not have one for any reason.  Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Lastly, I would like to remind all parents that we have created a Quiet Lunch space in the library for all students who would like to eat lunch in a calmer and less energetic environment.  If you feel your students can benefit from this resource, please encourage them to see Ms. Henchey, the librarian, and she will help them access the Quiet Lunch space.

Thank you and enjoy the upcoming week,

James Lin


McCall Middle School

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