Thursday, December 20, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to send everyone off to your vacation with a wonderful story I heard on WBUR’s Only a Game last weekend.  Perhaps you have heard it already because it has gone viral since its initial broadcast.  The story was told by a young journalist about her father – a cat litter scientist and a Chinese immigrant – who befriended Charles Barkley, former NBA superstar and current basketball analyst and TV personality.  These two human beings could not be more different, yet they developed a deep friendship and were there to support each other's families during the darkest hours of their lives.  It is a touching story, and I hope you will take a listen when you have a moment (please click here). 

The friendship between Lin Wang and Charles Barkley made me think of the relationships we have with each other and with our students.  We can never predict who is going to come into our lives, but when they do we have the capacity to impact those individuals positively and perhaps even bring great joy to them.

A year ago it never occurred to me that I would be part of the Winchester community and that all of you would be part of my life.  I am glad it turned out this way.

I wish all of you a wonderful vacation!

James Lin

McCall Middle School

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